Why an Indoor Exercise Bike Is A Good Workout Choice

Indoor Exercise Bike

The best workout choice is the one that’s going to work for you. It’s no use planning to run five miles every day if you don’t feel like having to avoid the neighborhood dogs, traffic, and inclement weather. With an indoor exercise bike, you don’t have to deal with any of those obstacles because you can work out right in your living room. Home exercise can give you the appeal of a gym with the added attraction of privacy. You can make use of digital record-keeping to chart your progress over time and you can also take advantage of the various storytelling programs that will add a bit of entertainment to your exercise bike routine.


If you’ve ever given a gym membership a try, you know that there’s a daunting array of different exercises, many of which seem to have been designed with torture in mind, for different sessions. But what if all you want is to build muscle tone by taming those flabby calves and thighs?

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Your stationary upright exercise bike can keep you in shape all year long so that you don’t go into the spring and summer months feeling like your muscles hibernated for the winter. Staying faithful to your exercise program for the recommended five days a week schedule will help you to maintain your summer shape all through the winter months. Different indoor exercise bike models offer varying levels of workout intensity to strengthen your core muscles so that you stay strong the whole year ‘round.


An indoor exercise bike isn’t just good for a 365-days-a-year health regimen; it’s also perfect for people who have recently had surgery and want a fitness program that lets them build their muscles and agility back to pre-surgical levels. A recumbent bike is designed to offer a workout that doesn’t demand the same amount of core muscle activity as an upright bike requires.

It’s the “get well soon” exercise bike for your post-surgery mending, or if you’re one of the estimated 80 percent of Americans who suffer from back issues at some point. Getting well means finding the right treatment and an exercise bike provides the kind of do-it-yourself fitness that works with you to get you back on track again after the doctor has given you the okay to proceed.


If you’ve tried to adhere to an exercise program in the past but found that you lost interest, indoor exercise bikes offer a treat for mind and body. Some models of the best exercise bikes include programmed exercise sessions that let you take part in virtual tours while you’re biking. The diversion of something like Zombie Run gives you a reason to keep your feet moving on the pedals as you escape the walking dead.

While all of this is going on, if your exercise bike is linked to your smart device and records your session, you’ll be able to chart your improvement all the way to a brand new size!

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