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Exercise Bikes

What Your Exercise Bike Workout Will Do For You


We adopt an exercise program because we want to improve our personal health. We might want to lose weight because even dropping a few pounds can make a difference in the way we feel. We might have back issues that limit the kind of exercise that we can do. We might want to improve our cardiovascular health.

Not all fitness programs are created equal and some can actually cause other physical problems. An exercise bike workout will put less stress on your joints while still delivering a great aerobic workout. It will also help you strengthen your lungs and muscles while burning calories. There are quite a few things to consider when you’re determining what form of exercise is the best for you; an exercise bike is our choice for the best choice.

Exercise Bike Workouts Lead To A Healthier Body

– Cardiovascular Workout

By improving your cardiovascular health with an exercise bike workout, you’re also improving the flow of oxygen and blood in your body. This leads to improvements in brain function; blood pressure; sleep; immune system; moods; stress levels; and energy.


You might burn as many as 600 calories an hour by working out on a stationary exercise bike, and, as you know, the more calories than you burn, the more likely you are to lose weight. When you’re burning calories, you’re building strength and losing fat.

– Strengthen Bones And Joints

Because a workout on a stationary bike is low impact, it strengthens your bones and joints but doesn’t put added physical pressure on them. Other forms of exercise like running, jogging, and other high-impact aerobic exercises put your hips, knees, and ankles under greater physical stress.

– Builds Up Leg And Lower Body Muscles

You might be looking for a workout that doesn’t just help you lose weight, but that also strengthens your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps when you pedal against a higher resistance. If your exercise bike has handlebars, your biceps, triceps, and shoulders will also benefit from the workout.

– Safety

Exercising outside can be a risk, as every outdoor cyclist knows. Dealing with traffic also means dealing with drivers who might be paying more attention to their cell phones than they are to other people on the road. Rain can make road surfaces slick. It’s not always easy to see when driving outdoors. On wintry days, outdoor cycling can be dangerous. But even on summer days, when the heat index is high, cycling may be ill-advised.

– Interval Training

By alternating short, intense bursts of exercise with longer periods of less intense activity, you will actually burn more calories in less time while elevating your cardiovascular health. Stationary exercise bikes come with different resistance levels, allowing you to choose a low, medium, or high rate of intensity for your interval training.

These different aspects of the physical fitness that comes with a stationary indoor exercise bike will help you build yourself up to peak condition. You can turn yourself into an athlete and never leave your home!