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Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright Exercise Bike

The upright exercise bike is one of the earlier designs for indoor exercising. Perhaps one of the first designs that resembled an upright exercise bike for home use was the gymnasticon, a device designed to assist the sedentary to exercise, a means of loosening joints for arthritis sufferers, and others who were similarly challenged when it came to outdoor exercise. It even had a setting that would allow an external user to assist with therapeutic exercise of those who could not voluntarily move their limbs. It was invented by Francis Lowndes in 1796. The device had two large wheels. The upper wheel was simply cranked by hands on a bent bar, while the lower – which had a similar design, was pedaled using two wide boards that were used alternately to turn it.

Invention of Bicycle Pedals and Upright Stationary Bike

The current upright stationary bike, with which most of us are familiar, had to wait until Philip Morris Fischer invented pedals for street bikes in 1853. Once that occurred, it did not take people long to realize that while bicycling was excellent exercise, they were not much fun to ride during inclement weather. A newspaper, The Rambler, published an article in 1897 that included a line drawing of a gentleman pedaling his bicycle while it is mounted on a frame. The inventor was a house painter who added to the realism of this indoor cycling experience by allowing outdoor scenes painted on canvas to be scrolled past the cycler. Not every cyclist went for stationary bikes. A title lady invented a cycle that would sweep the floors. Sadly, it was too large for most homes and therefore did not catch on. Nonetheless, the idea of an indoor upright stationary bike had its beginnings in these early inventions.

Highly Rated Upright Exercise Bikes

The Best Upright Stationary Bikes for Home Use as We Know Them Today

The evolution of indoor cycling continued. The first electronic stationary bike, which was upright in design, came about in the mid-1960’s. Dr. Keene Dimick invented a machine that he called the “Lifecycle”. This pilot machine helped launch the company that would later be called Life Fitness.

Perhaps the next big milestone in the invention of the upright bike was the spin bike. It was invented in the mid-1980’s by professional cross-country endurance cyclist, Johnny Goldberg. Goldberg was struck by a motorist while training for a race. The spin bike, as it was called, had an extra-heavy flywheel and super durable frame, making it suitable for training professional athletes who would be likely to put a lot of stress on a regular indoor upright bicycle.

Several other well-known bicycle brand names also got into the act, making their own indoor, stationary bikes. Although the “spin bike” name was originally patented by Johnny Goldberg’s company, Mad Dogg athletics, it became a common name for extra durable bikes – rather like the way “Kleenex” became a common term for facial tissues.

Use of a Stationary Bike Upright

stationary bike upright

A stationary bike upright is often recommended by doctors for patients who need exercise but who might be at risk when pedaling a street bicycle. Upright bikes are available in a variety of designs, including those that exercise the upper body as well as lower – somewhat like the old gymnasticon, only better. The best upright bikes for home use tend to provide a more extensive workout than their cousin, the recumbent bike, because the act of balancing on a bicycle seat exercises the core muscles. Some of them go even farther and provide moveable handles that encourage arm exercise.


Modern equipment can include measurement of activity, making it easy to track effort and progress. It can even provide a wide range of entertainment, from instruction by a virtual or real-life instructor to fantasy adventures featuring pedaling a bicycle. Whether you use a wide screen television, a tablet or phone, a built-in screen, or a virtual reality headset to deliver the experience, it will certainly keep you better entertained than a scrolling canvas.

HARISON Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike for Seniors, Stationary Bikes for Home with Table Holder (2022 Updated) (HR-B7 Y2022)
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HARISON Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike for Seniors, Stationary Bikes for Home with Table Holder (2022 Updated) (HR-B7 Y2022)
  • 【HIGH QUALITY & SAFTY ASSURANCE】: HARISON Upright exercise bike provide a heavy duty frame solid as a mountain support to 350 LBS, The frame is made of heavy and refined steel, which makes the recumbent bike run super steadily and not easy to break. The surface is sprayed with special baking paint, which is Environment Protecting and Anti-rust and anti-corrosion. SGS certification, safety assurance.Best Thanksgiving Gifts and Christmas Gifts
  • 【US MUTE MAGNETIC SYSTEM】HARIOSN HR-B7 magnetic stationary bikes for home workout provides a 14 levels of smooth magnetic resistance for a wide range of your choice by increasing the field resistance. Easily control the intensity of your workout with the convenient multi-control resistance switch.
  • 【FULLY ADJUSTABLE WORKOUT BIKE】: 4-way adjustable wide leather padded seat can easy moves forward/back and up/down. The seat can be adjusted for height and proximity to handlebars in order to fit different height or arm length. Best Choice for whole family workout. Suitable inseam 26.5''- 38.9'', suitable Height of 4'8''-6'4. Suitable Weight: up to 350 lbs.
  • 【LCD MONITOR & TABLET HOLDER】: Multi-function LCD display, Real-time digital monitor equipped to record time, speed, distance, calories, RPM, scan, odometer and heat rate. The display will show the distance and time and speed to keep you focused on achieving personal goals. The 2 in 1 Table Holder provide you the table holder and water bottle holder and allows you to enjoy exercising with music or TV and water supply at any time.
  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN PROVIDE MORE CONVENIENC】Removable tablet holder and transport wheels help you to move the cycle bike easily. Ergonomic design and breathable material saddle ( Seat Size: 10.24* 10.24 inches) provide you a comfortable riding experience.

Upright Exercise Bikes, The Bottom Line

Upright exercise bikes for home use are the result of more than a century of invention and ingenuity. They provide good exercise in a safe environment (your home, office, or a local gym), and when used correctly can be a solution to the need for physical movement. They are currently available in a wide variety of styles and price ranges, so whatever your exercise needs, you are likely to be able to find an upright stationary bike that is perfect for you.

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