The SB900 Sole Spin Bike: Solid, Reliable Quality in An Exercise Bike

Sole Spin Bike - SOLE SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike If you’ve enjoyed a stay at the Omni or Hilton Hotel chains, and you took advantage of the hotel exercise centers, chances are that you’ve already had the pleasure of using Sole equipment; Sole equipment is installed in a number of the leading hotel chains. SOLE Fitness, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, produces seven models in three different categories of stationary exercise bikes.

Their products are backed by a lifetime warranty on the frame, a three-to-five-year warranty on the parts and electronics, and a one-to-two year warranty on labor. Sole has a reputation for designing affordable, high-quality exercise equipment and their customers appreciate the fact that direct shipment is free, with no shipping fees or sales tax.

Now you’re thinking about buying a Sole spin bike for home use. Whether you’ve already used a Sole bike, or you’ve heard of the company’s reputation, or you’re just looking to learn more about the brand, there are some impressive features to the Sole spin bike that will make your quest worthwhile.


The SB900 Sole Spin Bike is actually an upgrade of the SB700 Sole Spin Bike and offers a smoother, quieter ride than the original model. The SB900 also comes with a wireless console, the eddy current brake system, and a clipless pedal option. Its enhanced sturdiness weighs it in at 160 pounds compared to the SB700’s 141 pounds. But both models deliver quality performance, so if you’re factoring cost in your decision, the SB700 will run around $200 less than the SB900.


While weight loss might be the most popular reason that people look to the best spin bikes for exercise, improving cardio health is a close second. The SB900 Sole Spin Bike comes with a small LCD display that lets you maintain your target heart rate, thanks to wireless monitoring that shows your pulse rate, time, speed, distance, RPM and calories burned. It’s important to note, however, that while it’s compatible with a chest strap heart monitor, the strap is not included. The SB900 Sole Spin Bike does not provide speakers of WiFi Bluetooth capability and it does not come with pre-set workout programs.

With its 48-pound flywheel and eddy current resistance, the SB900 Sole spin bike makes you feel as if you’re actually riding an outdoor bike. The frame is made of aluminum-shrouded steel, not just aluminum, which gives added weight and durability to the model, making it capable of enduring heavy use.

Sole Spin Bike - SOLE SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike

Adjustability is an important factor when making a decision about exercise equipment, particularly if you’ll be sharing the model with someone else who is a different height or weight. The SB900 Sole Spin Bike can handle weight up to 300 pounds; the height range is between 5’0” to 6’2”. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to accommodate different preferences.

It’s sometimes said that the Sole spin bikes don’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, and that’s true. But what they do deliver is an unquestioned quality that will make you glad that you made the Sole choice!

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