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Stationary Bike Benefits Stomach

Stationary Bike Benefits Stomach

A stationary bike benefits your stomach in a variety of ways. Regular exercise aids digestion, but more importantly, regular exercise, combined with a balanced diet has the potential to burn off belly fat. Belly fat is often misunderstood.

There are a variety of ways people have tried to remove fat from their stomachs. These include stomach crunches, walking, rolling, and plastic wraps. Of these, stomach crunches and walking are at least forms of exercise, and beat out a variety of gimmicks that are advertised as a means to remove that paunch or spare tire from your middle.

Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

You can exercise to lose belly fat providing you understand that fat removal is a part of an overall, systemic weight loss program. The real problem with belly fat is not the flab you can see, although that might draw attention to the problem, but the fat that is collecting around your organs. While targeted exercises such as sit-ups or stomach crunches might seem as if they should reduce a targeted area, the real truth is that fat is best removed slowly by regular, systemic exercise combined with a sensible, balanced diet.

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Belly Fat Offers

Cardio for Belly Fat

Cardio for belly fat is any sustainable exercise that will raise your heart and breathing rate for a specific amount of time. If you are not used to exercising, it is a good idea to start out slow and easy with multiple short sessions until you build up your system. You can even incorporate your cardio exercise sessions with Pomodoro work/study sessions that promote focusing fully on an intellectual task for about 20 minutes, then taking a five or ten-minute break. You could use that break time to pedal your exercise bike. For example, if you plan a four-hour study session, you will have studied for 160 minutes, or 2 hours, 60 minutes, and you will have exercised for 80 minutes.  Many of us suffer from a sedentary lifestyle thanks to work or learning. This kind of routine will both refresh your mind and give your muscles a chance to rest between sessions.

Stomach Weight Loss

Stomach weight loss isn’t something that will happen overnight. In fact, if you were able to suddenly remove all that fat, it probably would not be healthy for you. Like the tortoise in the Aesop’s fable, when it comes to weight loss, slow and steady wins the race. Once you have reached the point where you can easily sustain a rate of pedaling or a specific heartrate for five or ten minutes, you might want to engage in some longer exercise sessions – perhaps 20 or thirty minutes at a time. You might not want to give up alternating brain work with physical work, but you might want to incorporate two or three more intense exercise sessions every week, or perhaps even four or five times per week.

Lose Belly Fat by Cycling

So, can you lose belly fat by cycling? Yes, you absolutely can. You might be able to get rid of it a little faster or more efficiently with an upright bike that requires you to balance on a bicycle seat. This is because it requires use of your core muscles to balance in this way. Better yet, you might want to invest in an exercise bike that has moveable handlebars that will let you exercise your arms and shoulders for a full body workout. But even if your physical condition dictates that you should use a recumbent bike, you can still burn belly fat because when you lose weight fat comes off all over your body, not just in one spot.

Best Time to Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

The best time to exercise to lose belly fat or to lose weight in general is early in the morning before you eat breakfast. Then break your fast (hehe!) with a balanced meal that includes protein, leafy greens, vegetables, and fruit. A breakfast of this sort after exercising will help you feel energized and fueled for the day. Some people believe that a good exercise session in the morning will help you sleep better at night; whereas, exercising at night energizes your system and might make it hard to settle down. Oddly enough, getting sufficient sleep will also help you lose belly fat because it is often created as a response to stress.

In Conclusion, Exercising with a Stationary Bike Benefits Stomach

Because the key to losing belly fat is to lose weight systemically, exercising with a stationary bike benefits stomach. A regular regimen of exercise that begins gently and then becomes more challenging is one component of weight loss and overall physical health. The other part is to eat sensible amounts of a balanced diet and get an appropriate amount of sleep.