Star Trac Spinner Pro Spin Bike, the Vigorous Indoor Exercise

Star Trac Spinner Pro Spin Bike

The name says it right up front: this is a spinning bike, built specifically for vigorous indoor exercise. While it is built to withstand heavy use by serious athletes, it is calibrated so that anyone who wants to use an upright bike will get the exercise you need to reach your personal goals.

Different sorts of bikes are preferred by different people, and nearly everyone has a slightly different objective in mind. Some will seek to lose weight, others to strengthen the heart and circulatory system, while still others will want to maintain or build muscle for athletic events. A spin cycle is a good choice for fulfilling most of these dreams.

Like most spin bikes, the Star Trac Spinner Pro Spin Bike is built to support people who might be heavier than the average. Its extra sturdy steel frame is the beginning point for a super-strong indoor exercise bike that will endure having usage, including vigorous sprints while standing up. This spinning bike has an extra heavy weighted flywheel designed to simulate a real road bike – minus gravel, careless drivers, slick pavements, and other hazards of riding a bike out of doors. In addition, the screwless two-sided platform pedal is specially constructed to support someone who is standing up to pedal.

The weighted flywheel and adjustable resistance make it easy to feel as if you are riding a regular street bike and to create exercise routines that meet your variable exercise needs, to keep your efforts fresh so that you will put in the exercise time needed to meet your personal goals. By varying your exercises, you not only maintain your personal interest, but you also follow accepted guidelines for most developmental exercises. These guidelines often include varying the intensity of effort. All emphasize the importance of doing a little bit each day as opposed to weekly or bi-weekly marathon sessions.

Speaking of keeping your commitments, the adjustable seat of Star Trac Spinner Pro Spin Bike has extra padding and an anatomical cutout to increase comfort. If your backside is comfortable during your ride, you are more likely to be willing to exercise. No one is enthusiastic about an activity that adds gratuitous, unnecessary pain to a challenging activity.

Spinning bikes are the ideal selection for serious athletes. Whether you are training for the Big Game or that super cross-country marathon, you need a bike that will stand the strain of vigorous and frequent workouts. They are also great for teens who might be a bit careless about caring for a bike, or who might plunge enthusiastically into vigorous exercise.

Even for people who just need an ordinary upright bike, the best spin bikes will offer a smooth ride on an exercise machine that will hold up for years. With its adjustability, the Star Trac Spinner Pro Spin Bike is an ideal selection for an exercise club or school. Thanks to being able to adjust the seat and handlebars in small increments, it can be set up for a variety of people.

Star Trac Spinner Pro Spin Bike Features:

  • Two-sided platform pedal
  • Toe cages or clips
  • Stainless steel adjustable seat post
  • Extra strong crank
  • Micro-adjustable seat and handlebars for a best possible fit
  • Parts warranty for two years
  • Threadless connection for pedals and cranks
  • Trapezoid seat design
  • Double density seat padding and an anatomical cutout
  • Two water bottle holders in the forward position for good hydration
  • 41-pound flywheel

One noticeable difference between the Star Trac Spinner Pro Spin Bike and several others is the lack of fancy monitoring systems. Even so, you could easily place a tablet or phone on a nearby stand and use a downloadable app to track heart rate and time. Combined with regular weight or measurement checks, these measurements could easily help you track your progress toward your personal goals.

If you are the kind of person who needs a little entertainment to go along with your exercise session, there are several apps that provide fantasy incentives, such as finding little creatures or running away from monsters. Some even provide a social component, such as joining others for a virtual tour of a famous location.

Regardless of how you think about it, a good exercise bike should be sturdy, easy to use, and have the potential to help you meet your goals. A spinning bike that can hold up to steady, vigorous exercise is likely to help you do exactly that.

The Star Trac Spinner Pro Spin Bike is the perfect spinning cycle for people who are seriously into training, and who have little need of the frills and extras offered by so many exercise bikes. If you are looking for a seriously sturdy bike that will provide a smooth, rewarding exercise experience, you can count on Star Trac Spinner Pro Spin Bike to provide exactly that.


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