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Ride Like a Pro with The Merax Spin Bike

merax spin bike - merax indoor cycling exercise bike cycle trainer adjustable stationary bike

The Merax Spin Bike is designed to accommodate 330 pounds of weight capacity but is suited for people who are less than six feet in height, a range that’s supported by a heavy-duty steel frame. The upgraded racing-style saddle can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to ensure that your exercise session is more comfortable for extended spinning. As you spin, you’ll track your time, speed, distance, and calories burned on an LCD monitor. When assembled, the Merax weighs 107 pounds, 22 of which is the flywheel. And when your workout is finished, the built-in transportation wheels make it easy to move your Merax Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Cycle Trainer Adjustable Stationary Bike from one room to another.

The Frame of the Merax Bike

The Merax Spin Bike comes in two colors, the Red1 and the Yellow, and except for the paint, the models are basically the same. The frame, which is constructed for sturdiness, is made of steel tubing. In comparison to other spin bikes, the Merax is smaller in size, but remember that it can accommodate 330 pounds in weight. Measured from the tip of the handlebars to the rear base bar, the Merax is 40 inches. That smaller size is a plus if space is an issue in your living space, particularly if you live in an apartment.

The Merax Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Cycle Trainer Handlebars and Seat:

The handlebars can be adjusted up or down, with several inches of adjustment so that you can adapt the Merax Spin Bike to suit your size; it works well for users who are four feet, eight inches up to six feet. Unlike more expensive models, the Merax seat is designed for more comfort than what you’ll see on the typical best spin bikes. It has a layer of foam cushioning and two springs that provide extra shock absorption is 11 inches long and can be adjusted four ways: up, down, forward, and back. The median groove promotes airflow and good blood circulation. The layer of rubber foam on the side handlebars give a more secure, comfortable grip. However, the handlebars do not come with sensors to track your pulse.

merax spin bike - merax indoor cycling exercise bike cycle trainer adjustable stationary bike The Drive and Resistance of the Merax Spin Bike

Some indoor cyclists like a heavy flywheel and many of the commercial bikes have flywheels weighing 40 pounds or more. The Merax Spin Bike’s flywheel is 22 pounds, which is sufficient for a consistent pace of momentum. Because it’s bi-directional, cyclists can pedal backward. This feature lets the cyclist work on different sets of muscles because the resistance that’s generated by reverse pedaling remains constant.

The resistance system consists of a felt pad that’s connected to the adjustment knob on the frame’s main tube. As the knob is tightened, the resistance pad tightens onto the flywheel, giving a more consistent workout. Because the resistance knob also serves as an emergency brake, you can automatically stop the flywheel from spinning just by pressing down on the knob.

The Merax Exercise Bike Fitness Meter

Although the Merax exercise bike does not come with a pulse-reading function, it does track time, speed, distance, and total distance, and calories burned. It’s an opportunity to learn the metric system of measurement as well because speed and distance are calculated in kilometers per hour and kilometers. But no matter how you measure it, you know that you’re getting in better physical condition with your Merax Spin Bike.

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