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Schwinn A10 upright bike Review

Schwinn A10 Upright Bike

Schwinn A10 Upright Bike: Midrange Exercise Bike for Fitness

The Schwinn A10 Upright Bike is a good midrange exercise bike that you can use for fitness and general health. It is an excellent choice for beginners or for therapeutic cardio or injury exercise. It does well up through mid-upper usage but is a shade too moderate for upper-level serious trainers. The price range is moderate, especially since it has a monitoring system that includes training programs. Those training programs are sometimes extra not included for upright bikes in the lower price ranges.

Specifications Schwinn A10

 Brand Schwinn
 Model A10
 Monitor LCD Display – User has the possibility of Connect with the Schwinn Connect App
 Number of Programs Seven programs including Quick Start
 Resistance  Magnetic – 8 levels 
 Seat & Handlebars Adjustable 
 Water bottle holder Included
 Dimensions Height: 47.5”, Width: 16.5”, Length: 27.5”
 Max Weight 275 lbs

Best Offers Schwinn A10 Upright Bike

Schwinn Bikes: a Reputable Bike Maker

Schwinn bikes are well known. The company produces both on road bikes for outdoor use and stationary bikes for indoor exercise and has a long-standing reputation for excellence. The Schwinn A10 Upright Bike is no exception to their standards. As one of Schwinn’s early cardio/exercise bikes, it is moderately priced, yet has both quality construction as well as a monitoring console for the rider’s convenience and to assist with tracking progress.

Stationary Schwinn A10 Bike Features

As with most stationary bikes, considerations begin with the frame. While durably built, its recommended weight tops out at 275, making it a better choice for people who weigh less than 200 pounds. It is a fine bike for beginning riders who want to keep up their training in inclement weather and for people who need moderate, therapeutic exercise. It simply isn’t up to heavier users and doesn’t provide the extreme resistance needed by upper-level users.

It does have a monitor, unlike some of the more moderately priced bikes. The wide face is relatively easy to read, and the push-button controls are right there within reach. It uses hand grip sensing to do heart monitoring, which doesn’t function as well as wireless monitoring which is included on some other models of Schwinn exercise bikes. It uses magnetic resistance for a quiet ride. It comes disassembled but has few parts so that is relatively easy to manage.

Schwinn A10 Model, a Good Stationary Bike for Beginners

The Schwinn A10 Upright Bike is a good choice for beginners. While not as robust as some other bikes, it has the advantage of also having a smaller footprint and lower weight, which makes it easier to place and to move. If you have a small area for your home exercise equipment, this is a distinct advantage. While it won’t accommodate heavier weights and it doesn’t quite offer the resistance needed by someone who is training heavily, it is perfect for a lighter framed person who needs basic exercise to keep in shape. It also offers a reasonable cardio workout for people who are recovering from surgery. Add in the moderate price, and there are some distinct advantages to this little exercise bike. While not the best, it is certainly not the worst, either. It is a medium range upright bike just about any way you want to look at it.

A Few Disadvantages

As previously mentioned, if you weigh more than 250 pounds, the Schwinn A10 Upright Bike might be a little light for you. It should be mentioned here, also, that some users had problems attaching the foot pedals. The monitor, while large, is not backlit which can make reading it difficult in certain lighting situations. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is the warranty. While the frame has a two-year warranty, and the digital parts have one year, the company only covers labor for six months. That means that even if the parts are covered, you still have to pay the cost of having someone at the company do the installation.

Closing out With Schwinn a10 Advantages

There are some Schwinn A10 Upright Bike advantages. The first is the moderate price tag. If you just need a little something to get you through times of inclement weather or to follow your doctor’s prescription for moderate exercise, this upright bike is just what was ordered. That big monitor with push buttons makes it easy to adjust your regimen without thinking about it too much. The smaller size and lighter weight make it easier to set it up in an apartment or small office without having to give up your couch, desk or some other important piece of furniture. Overall, it is easy to use, easy to fit into your space, and easy on the pocketbook. That’s three easiest in a row, which is certainly advantageous. For someone who does not need professional level training, the Schwinn A10 could be a good choice.

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