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PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Review 2020

pyhigh indoor cycling bike

PYHIGH indoor cycling bike is an excellent choice for all professional fitness enthusiasts, and if you are looking for an indoor cycling bike to keep up with professional-level physical fitness, but all family members can still use that. While not quite as robust as some of the heavier bikes, it has the added charm of being adjustable down to the reach of someone who is no taller than four feet, one inch. It will accommodate people weighing up to 280 pounds.

It is a member of indoor stationary bike types known as spinning bikes. These bikes rely on heavy, belt-driven flywheels to provide the resistance for a good workout. More than that, they are typically built to withstand heavy usages, such as a marathon cyclist or a professional ballplayer might inflict on an exercise machine. They usually will have reinforced pedals and handlebars to accommodate the uptick in usage necessary for off-season athletes.

That doesn’t mean that they are not useable for your home gym. Far from it. They are ideal for rowdy middle school, high school, or even college-age youth who need the means to burn off extra energy. PyHigh is built so that its size range begins at 4 feet one inch, which is nearly 12 inches less than comparable bikes. On the other hand, it is adjusted for users up to 6 feet 6 inches tall. Its step-through structure makes it an easy bike for nearly every family member.

PYHIGH Spin Bike S2 Model, Features, Dimensions, and Specs

Featured characteristics, and best PYHIGH spin bike features, dimensions and Specs of the Model S2.

 Model S2
 Bike Size 40.2 x 21.7 x 46.1 in (L x W x H)
 Flywheel Weight Fixed, 35-Lbs
 Resistance Manually adjustable felt-pad without sweat protection guard
 Supported weight 280-Lbs
 Drive Mechanism PK Belt drive-train
 Seat Adjustable: 4-Way with padding
 Mobility Transportation wheels
 Power Source: Batteries, included


Best Offers PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike


The seat of PyHigh S2 is adjustable with four different positions way with padding. While, like most spinning bikes, the PYHIGH indoor cycling bike is constructed so that it can be ridden while standing up, this might not be the preferred mode for all family members. Even if that is your favorite way to ride any bike, you will probably still want to be seated during the warmup and cooldown phases of your exercise routine. That means that you are likely to prefer a comfortable place to sit. It can be challenging enough to coax yourself to exercise without pain in your seat bones to add to the general reluctance! Instead, you can look forward to sitting back on a comfortable, well-padded wide seat while you pedal at a less difficult rate.


You can pedal standing up. The reinforced pedals have toe straps to help prevent slipping. This gives a better workout for your core muscles than simply balancing on a seat and pedaling.

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike Handlebars and Monitor

The handlebars of PYHIGH indoor cycling bike are designed with extra support to prevent slipping. They frame the LCD monitor, placing it where it is easy to read whether you are in a racer’s crouch or sitting down. The monitor tracks speed, “distance”, time, and calories burned. While it does not have a built-in pulse or heart rate meter, you can easily add on such equipment separately and use the monitor information to help track progress.

PYHIGH  Warranty, After Purchase Care

The PYHIGH indoor cycling bike has a one-year warranty, and easy to reach technical support. You can usually expect a response within fifteen hours of contacting them. More than that, you receive a high-quality exercise bikes that is useable by the whole family.

Adjusting for Different Family Members

The seat height and handlebar height of the PYHIGH indoor bike are easily adjusted for different heights. You can avoid the situation where some members are stretching for the pedals, while others are finding their knees under their chin. It can also be adjusted to grow with youngsters as they grow, so you need not purchase new equipment as young athletes grow taller.

In summary, the Pyhigh indoor cycling bike is an excellent choice for individual or family use. Its single drawback is that it is not recommended for anyone weighing more than 280 pounds. With that said, it will accommodate usage by most people and give good satisfaction for the whole family without the need to purchase added stationary bikes. It is designed to keep on functioning even with high usage, or heavy usage.

The thirty-five-pound flywheel easily provides resistance to give a realistically difficult ride that will help you achieve your fitness goals. No worries ever about running in the twilight hours or during inclement weather.

Add a video or audio program to engage your attention and make your exercise time the most pleasant part of your day. With the quiet operation insured by its being belt-driven rather than chain-driven, you can enjoy an exercise adventure or even your favorite adventure movie or audiobook while pedaling your way to your optimal fitness level.

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