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Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary Review 2020

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary 330 Lbs Weight Capacity

The Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary belongs to the upright bike type called spinning bikes. Spinning bikes are a cut above your average exercise bikes for indoor cycling. This Cyclade model can support 330 Lbs Weight Capacity and is one of the best indoor spin bikes for Fitness enthusiasts since these bicycles are designed to be extra tough to deliver a better opportunity for exercise.

Cyclace Bike, Features and Specs

Featured Characteristics, and top Cyclace bike Features and Specs.

 Brand Cyclace
 Size L:40.9″; W:24.2″; H:47.9
 Flywheel weight 36 lbs
 Resistance Adjustable – Friction
 Supported weight 330 lbs
 System Belt Drive
 Seat Adjustable from 5.1 – 6.5 ft
 Mobility Transportation wheels
 Bottle holder Included


Best Offers Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary 330 Lbs

Another characteristic of Cyclace spin bikes is the extra heavy flywheel which offers greater resistance, but that is belt-driven, a much quieter choice than chain-driven bikes. In addition, the frame on a spin bike is much heavier than your average indoor bike, and the pedals are designed to be safe for the rider to stand up and pedal.

These differences are especially interesting to serious athletes, marathon bike riders, and others who need a means of keeping up their physical fitness during inclement weather or have other reasons why outdoor exercise is not a real option. But spinning bikes are also suitable for family use, providing a rugged outlet for older elementary students or teens who need a place to put restless energy. With easy-to-manage adjustments, the Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary can provide appropriate physical activity for any family member who is at least 5 feet, 1 inch tall to 6 feet 6 inches tall, and will support up to 330 pounds.

Shorter or less able family members might be able to use a more portable, less rugged option, such as the under desk/on desk cycle.

Cyclace Flywheel

The Cyclace flywheel is really distinguishing a spinning bike from other indoor exercice bikes. The Cyclace exercise bike stationary has a 36 pound, belt-driven flywheel for quiet operation. The resistance bar has been updated for 2020, to provide greater durability than similar past models.

The Handlebars

Ergonomically shaped for a variety of ways to hold onto them, the handlebars facilitate a forward lean, as if you were doubling down on your pedaling and presenting a small target for wind resistance. The monitor and tablet/cellphone holder is positioned so as to be easy to view either while sitting on the comfortable seat or while crouched over the handlebars.

Resistance Controller

Updated for 2020 to be more resilient than previous models, the resistance controller of Cyclace exercise bike is located at the top of the bike, just behind the handlebars where it is within easy reach, it can be used to set the level of resistance so that you can range your activity from a gentle warm-up or cool down, to a fat-burning, top-of-your-ability sprint. Should your pedaling become a potential hazard for a pet or a child, just push down on the controller, and everything stops immediately. No spinning flywheel or pedals to potentially cause any sort of problem.

Spin Bike with Protective Shields

The flywheel and belt do have protective shields to prevent clothing or a curious finger or paws from getting caught in them. The shields have small openings to allow air movement to keep the mechanisms from overheating.

The Pedals

These staionary bicycles Extra heavy-duty, with toe cages to help prevent slipping, the pedals are strong enough to stand on. This is what you need for those vigorous, full-body workout, sprints.

Comfortable Seat

This seat is well-padded, with a center ventilation slot to allow air movement to help with personal perspiration and heat buildup. Strong pedals notwithstanding, you do want a comfortable seat. Not all riding will be done standing on the pedals, going full out. When you settle back for a cool down, or even when you are starting your warmup, the seat allows you to engage in gentle revolutions of the pedals. At such times, comfort is what you want.

Warranty, Cyclace Post Purchase Care

You will also receive a twelve-month free parts warranty, as well as friendly tech support for one of the best spin bikes, who will usually answer your questions within 18 hours. They promise a 100% satisfactory solution for any problems or difficulties that might arise.

All of these things add up to a super spin cycle that will help you develop or maintain physical fitness, including at the level needed for serious athletes. With the Cyclace Exercise Bike, you do not have to go through the pain of getting back into shape each spring. You can maintain your preferred level of fitness throughout the year.

Cyclace spinning bike Assembly

Do plan for some floor space for your Cyclace spinning bike, and for a sturdy floor. It is heavy. Weighing in at 86 pounds for shipping, you should probably plan some help for getting it into your home and setting it up. The assembly of these stationary exercise bikes is not difficult, but the frame and flywheel are physically heavy as well as durable.

When it is up and running, you are should be pleased with your Cyclace exercise bike stationary. While not equipped with some of the fancier electronics, it more than makes up for that lack in good, old-fashioned, rugged construction.

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