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Physical Fitness and Spin Bike Weight Loss

spin bike weight loss

Fitness trends come and go, but ever since its inception nearly 30 years ago, spinning has maintained its popularity and its effectiveness as people strive to become healthier. Any fitness plan needs to incorporate physical exercise and healthy habits, but some workout routines are more successful than others. According to one study of 14 participants, conducted in 2010 over 12 weeks, the correct spinning regimen led to a 3.2% decrease in weight and a 5% decrease in fat mass. It’s estimated that one minute of spinning burns 12 calories; that may not sound like a lot, but after a half-hour of exercise, you can burn between 250-350 calories. As you incorporate your spin bike weight loss regimen into a daily routine, those numbers will add up. And as they do, you’ll find that your muscles are getting toned and your stamina is increasing. The right routine will lead to spin bike weight loss.

If you’ve been exercising but you aren’t losing weight, it’s time to take a close look at what you’re doing.

How is your bike positioned?

Your bike needs to be in the correct position to optimize your spin bike weight loss workout.

Your exercise bike seat should be at the same height as your hip bone so that there is a 12-degree bend in the knee when your leg is fully extended and your rear is on the seat. If the seat is too high, your leg muscles aren’t being used correctly. If the seat is too high, your knees may be strained.

The distance between the seat and the handlebars should be approximately the length of your forearm. During rotation, the knee should not be bent more than 90 degrees. The handlebars should be between one to two inches higher than the seat; the higher the handlebars, the better for your core and your back.

How is your posture?
Are you positioned correctly in the seat so that you’re comfortable?

When you stand on the pedals, does your body hover over the middle of the bike?
Are your feet flat on the pedals?
Are you maintaining a light grip on the handlebars?
Are you bending your elbows slightly?

spin bike weight lossHow do you know if you’re getting a good spin bike weight loss workout?
Are you sweating?

Is your heart rate raised?
Are you breathless?
If it feels too easy, then it’s not a good workout.  Turn the resistance knob so that you’re working harder.

Do you use up your energy too early in the workout?
Does your spin bike weight loss workout include a good warmup, followed by cardio, strength conditioning, then a cool down and stretch? 

Are you pacing yourself so that the first half of your workout is leaving you with enough energy to finish strong?

Are you hydrating?
Do you drink water during your workout when you’re thirsty?

Are you taking smaller, more frequent sips of water so that you don’t suffer from stomach discomfort or belly bloat?
Do you drink between a half to a full liter of water during your workout?

Is there enough variety in your wellness?
Do you eat healthy meals?

Do you maintain a positive attitude?
Do you get enough sleep at night?

A spin bike weight loss routine can deliver the results that you want to see, as long as you’re working out in the right way.