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MYX II Plus Indoor Bike

MYX II Plus Indoor Bike

MYX II Plus Indoor Bike Review

There’s a no better option than the MYX II Plus indoor bike if you want to invest in a stationary bike that is modern, multi-functional, and brings value for money. Equipped with features such as a large touchscreen display, high-quality speakers, better tracking, Apple Watch integration, and more. MYXFitness announced the successor to the Plus series in July 2021, and it’s been a year since people have been shedding pounds over the smart stationary bike.

We are here with a thorough review of the MYX II Plus spin bike. Keep on reading to learn more about why to or not to buy MYX II Plus, aka The Beachbody Bike.

MYX II Plus Connected Home Fitness Studio | Features and Specs

We prepared a list with the best and main MYX II Plus Connected Home Fitness Studio model Features and Specs.

 Brand MYX Fitness
 Model  MYX II Plus
 System Magnetic
 Resistance Magnetic resistance, adjustable
 Flywheel 41 lbs
 Max Capacity 350 pounds
Dimensions 54 x 21 x 47 inches (L x W x H)
 Adjustable Handlebar Yes: Up/down and Front/ back
 Adjustable Seat Yes: Up/ down and Front/ back

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Features and Updates in MYX Fitness Bike

MYX Fitness Bike

As the name carries ‘Plus’, the MYX fitness bike has been known for the extra accessories that come along with it. The Plus II is an upgrade on the previous Beachbody bike, making it a better option for new buyers. It comes packed with a 21.5-inch (54.6cm) touchscreen, yoga mat, speed sensor, weights, and more to assist you in both cardio and strength workouts. We all know that original MYX bikes had a Polar heart rate monitor allowing the smart bike to offer users personalized training to improve heart rate.

If you are already using the previous MYX fitness cycle, here are the new things or features to look forward to.

  • New cadence, speed, and distance sensors allow athletes to easily track performance metrics
  • Next up, users can now stream fitness videos from 2 different subscription-based apps available on the built-in touchscreen. Unlike before, users can now subscribe to either Beach Body on Demand Interactive(BODi) or MYX+Openfit rather than just one MYXfitness app for live or on-demand workouts.
  • Users will also get a 20-watt speaker output
  • A slimmer bike
  • An 8MP camera for live workout sessions
  • Apple Watch integration for monitoring heart rate
  • Better processing power for faster downloads

MYX II Plus Spin Bike Design & Key Specifications

Available in two color variants including Natural White and Deep Charcoal, the MYX II Plus spin bike takes custom setting to another level with adjustable handlebars, an adjustable standard bike saddle, dual-sided pedals, and a center resistance knob. The company claims it to feature a narrower design than most other indoor cycling bikes in the market.

Adjustable handlebars hold the 21.5-inch touchscreen featuring a high-quality built-in camera and 20-watt speakers allowing trainers to easily interact while users workout.

How to Set Up a Connected Home Fitness Studio

To set up a connected home fitness studio with MYX II Plus, all you need to do is order one unit, install it in your in-house fitness studio, set up an account with BODi, Openfit, or probably both through the swiveling touchscreen, and you are ready to go. Unlike other stationary bikes that require time to assemble and get ready for riding, the MYX II Plus Indoor Bike comes fully-assembled. Not only that, the delivery company takes care unpacking and further clean up too.

Openfit is an easy-to-use platform as it guides users through the entire signup process. If you already have an Openfit account than simply just sign in and activate the speed sensors of your new bike. You may find it difficult to activate the sensor without any manual or guide. In that case, just visit Openfit’s website where you will find tutorials for everything. Also look for tutorials for configuring heart rate monitor, positioning handlebars, and adjusting the bike seat before you take your first ride on MYX Fitness in your home fitness studio.

Why Buy MYX Bike Beachbody

The biggest reason to buy the next generation MYX bike beachbody is its price. When compared to its competitors such as Peloton Bike+, Beachbody Bike will cost you almost one grand less. In addition, you will get a dozen of accessories including an exercise mat, six dumbbells, an oversized stabilizing mat, polar OH1 heart rate monitor, a resistance band, and a 24-inch foam roller. Both these make MYX spin bike with screen a favorite among cardio experts and fitness enthusiasts.

A sleeker design, better configurations, less monthly fee as compared to competitors, and dual-sided pedals allowing users to either pick sneakers or SPD clips. If you are investing in a smart bike for the first time, MYX II Plus is the best you can get.

Final Word

Here we conclude our review of one of the smartest exercise bikes, the MYX II Plus Indoor Bike which can be your next favorite equipment for a variety of workout classes and indoor cycling sessions. With two fitness apps and live classes, this has been a great buy for users since its release last year. Keep following us for more such informative reviews.

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