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Mini Stair Stepper

Mini Stair Stepper

Mini stair steppers

If you are having trouble getting in those daily steps while still getting everything else done, then what you need is a mini stair stepper. These small exercise machines are constructed in a way that allows you to stick them under your desk, place them in front of your couch, and pack them up in your luggage. The only thing you need to add is your feet moving up and down on them. Mini stair steppers or mini elliptical walking machines are not intended to take the place of doors exercise but can be a solution when outdoor weather is too inclement to make being outside a pleasant experience.

Stair Mini Stepper

The stair mini stepper works in the same way as a large elliptical walking machine, but without the bulky upright parts. It will fit discreetly under your desk or in front of your couch where you can use it while watching television or even studying or doing desk work. Some of the steppers even have resistance bands attached to enable upper body strength exercise as well as the general walking motion. You can even place your stair mini stepper in front of your standing desk and walk your way to better circulation.

Best Mini Stair Stepper

The best mini stair stepper is one that will fit your lifestyle. There are a lot of different reasons for using one, and several different kinds of stair stepper. Some things to look for when you are purchasing a stair stepper are:

  • A monitor to track progress
  • Options for upper body strength training
  • Ease of use
  • Adjustable resistance
  • And – just for esthetic reasons – how well the unit goes with your décor.
  • Whether it has handlebars for balance
  • Size/weight when folded.
  • Material type
  • The maximum weight allowance for the user – important if you are going to stand on it, not quite as important if it will be used in a seated position

Portable Stair Stepper

A portable stair stepper means that you never need to miss another exercise session because of that important conference or special vacation. You can keep right on working on your weight loss or strength development goals even when traveling. Some stair steppers fold up smaller than others; some are heavier than others. If you are flying with a stair stepper, lighter models might be a better choice.

Under Desk Stepper

Under Desk Stepper

An under desk stepper is, of course, made to be used while seated – unless you have a standing desk, which is an entirely different situation. Whether an under desk stepper will work for you depends on a number of factors:

  • Do you plan to use it while you are working?
  • Will you use it as a “take break in place” device?
  • Does it make noise?
  • How much knee clearance is available under your desk?
  • Is it an approved item for your workplace?

These are important questions, especially if you are working in a shared office space. It is always a good idea to ask your supervisor whether such devices are allowed at your workplace. Not everyone has the capacity to multitask sufficiently to be able to use an exercise machine while working. There are those who compare this ability to rubbing your tummy while patting yourself on the head – definitely a learned skill. If you have difficulty walking and chewing gum at the same time (just kidding), you might want to use your under desk exerciser during your break times.

Knee clearance is especially important, and sometimes difficult to achieve especially if you need your desk to be a little closer to the ground than the average person. If you do not have sufficient knee clearance, using your under-desk mini stepper could lead to banging your knees against a hard surface – never a good idea.

Highly Rated Mini Stair Stepper

Under Desk Elliptical

An under desk elliptical machine is a miniature version of the larger ellipticals, minus the upright parts, of course. It will allow you to get in those exercise sessions that you might miss thanks to working to complete that extra-special big assignment. As with the mini stepper, check to make sure you have enough knee clearance to operate your device without banging your knees against the center drawer of your desk.

In Summary

Mini steppers and under desk ellipticals can be a useful part of your indoor gym. They can easily be packed up and taken with you on trips. Do pay attention to the maximum weight supported if you plan to use them while standing up, but this becomes less critical when you are seated. The units usually weigh somewhere around twenty pounds, something you might need to know if flying with them. If you plan to use the unit at your desk, make sure you have enough knee clearance for comfort. While not intended to replace outdoor exercise, they can be useful for those days when it is just not fun to “play outside.”