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Exercise Bikes

Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike: Sitting Down For Better Health

A magnetic recumbent exercise bike proves that you can get an excellent workout while sitting in a comfortable position. Recumbent bikes have an advantage over upright bikes because they provide extra support for the upper body while putting less stress on your joints. What’s so appealing about indoor exercise bikes is the way they incorporate fitness and comfort into a single workout. While you’re pedaling, you can be watching television in your living room. You can be working out while you’re listening to music on your headphones. Watching a movie and building up muscle tone at the same time. Read a romance novel and get better heart health while cycling. Fitness doesn’t have to hurt to be successful!

Best Offers Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Better Health With A Recumbent Magnetic Bike

If you want to get in shape, you can do so right in your living room with a recumbent magnetic bike. Sit down and pedal and work your way to physical fitness. Gyms and fitness clubs already know what folks at home are quickly learning. Recumbent magnetic bikes build up your strength, improve muscle tone, and get the cardio workout that helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. Working out just 20 minutes a day can accomplish wonders for your physical fitness and when you’re feeling better physically, your overall sense of wellbeing improves. And you do it sitting down!

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike For Burning Calories

The intensity of your magnetic recumbent exercise bike workout is up to you, and the level of intensity that you choose decides how many calories an hour will be burned as a result of your pedaling. The workout builds muscle, and when you build muscle, your metabolism benefits. Even when the workout is over, your metabolism is still burning calories because you’ve revved up your body to an endorphin-enhanced level of fitness that stays the course.

Releasing endorphins is one of the invisible benefits that come from working out. It’s easy to notice when your waistline is leaner and your muscles are taut. But endorphins can also help to battle unseen issues like depression. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that make you feel good, so as you pedal and stretch, you’re not just looking better on the outside. You’re feeling better on the inside.

Recumbent Bike Magnetic Resistance: The Key To Building Fitness

Pedals and seats, handlebars, and a frame are all vital parts of any exercise bike, but it’s the resistance that defines recumbent bikes as a way to improve your health and fitness. Having the ability to adjust the resistance to meet your current level of fitness is the way that you increase that level, pushing yourself to do more at a higher plateau as you master one level. If you choose a magnetic resistance exercise bike that provides pre-programmed workouts, you can benefit from a regimen that improves your cardio health.  If you choose a bike that includes a heart-rate monitor to the pre-programmed workouts along with the range of different resistance levels, you’ll rise to a new level of health that will have your doctor—and your mirror—telling you the things that you want to hear about the new, healthy you.

The Advantages Of A Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

recumbent bike magnetic resistance

As the name sounds, a magnetic recumbent exercise bike uses magnets to apply the resistance against the bike’s flywheel. This popular bike requires less maintenance than one with friction resistance, and it’s also quieter.

Contact of friction resistance exercise bikes have leather or felt pad that applies direct resistance against the flywheel. Friction resistance bikes aren’t as quiet as magnetic resistance bikes, and the pads need to be replaced as they wear down.

Air resistance bikes push air through a large fan in order to create resistance. It’s loud, but on the other hand, cyclists who favor high-intensity interval training enjoy the extra difficulty that this bike creates.

It’s worth noting that magnetic resistance bikes come at a higher cost. But if you want a smooth, quiet ride, the cost is worth it.

How A Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike With Arm Exercise Adds To Your Overall Strength Building

Recumbent bikes are especially suited for providing exercise for both arms and legs, simultaneously. The dual action of the bike offers an overall workout. Some benefits of recumbent exercise with moving arms include support for the spine, an advantage for anyone suffering from back injuries; rehabilitation from injuries; and the versatility that lets you focus on more muscles.

Being comfortable while exercising is always a priority, but if you’ve chosen to work out on a recumbent bike you’ll appreciate the comfort of the bike’s design.

Over time, exercising can put pressure on your knees, ankles, hips, and back. Why set yourself up for pain when a recumbent bike can let you exercise without putting stress on your lower body? You still get a worthwhile workout that lets you burn calories and tone your muscles, but won’t set you up for painful results.

A magnetic recumbent bike lets you sit down on the job of improving physical fitness. And you know what? It works!