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Life Fitness Spin Bike IC7 & IC6, Best for Endurance Training

Life Fitness Spin Bike ic6

The Life Fitness Spin Bike sports a sleek design set up to help you get the exercise you need each day. Indoor exercise bikes, such as the Life Fitness Spin Bike IC6 and Life Fitness Spin Bike IC7, provide a viable option for both cardio and more vigorous exercise. While the use of exercise is only one component of personal good health, it certainly provides a viable alternative to many other forms of exercise.

Both exercise bikes have state of the art components that are characteristic of many spin bikes while having a few unique touches of their own. These include:

  • Pedals: two-sided, SPD and toe cage
  • Handlebars: ergonomic design for user comfort and efficiency
  • Saddle: well-padded, unisex design
  • Accessory holder: Integrated on handlebars
  • Drive: quiet and smooth, uses a poly V belt for efficiency and smoothness
  • Monitor: TFT screen with LED display
  • Wattrate Power Meter: Shows resistance and charge rate
  • Off-set Frame design: for comfort, convenience, and sturdiness
  • Energy-efficient: Pedaling turns a small generator which should power up a lithium batter that will run the monitor
  • Portability: five transport wheels to help you move it from one place to another


Life Fitness Spin Bike ic6

Whew! That is a long list of features, many of which are typical of best spin bikes. As a rule, a spin bike has a rugged frame, a weighted flywheel that is chain or belt-driven, and reinforced pedals to allow the user to pedal standing up as he or she might do in a long race or a lengthy commute. What is unique about the Life Fitness Spin Bike IC6 and Life Fitness Spin Bike IC7 is that the flywheel turns a small generator that can charge the lithium battery that powers the monitor. It is for this reason that instead of having the standard resistance meter, it has a Wattrate power meter – which does register resistance.

Best Offers Life Fitness Spin Bike IC7 & IC6

Features Life Fitness Spin Bike IC7 and IC6

Another feature of the Life Fitness Spin Bike IC7 and Life Fitness Spin Bike IC6 is the option to access the Life Fitness resources. They offer a broad variety of fitness classes and exercises, including some that are meant to be used with their spin bikes. These are not all canned recordings. They include coaching and physical fitness training by well-trained, licensed instructors who have the capability of individualizing classes, either for a single home user or for a group in your gym or fitness center.

As with many indoor exercise bikes, some assembly is required when your spin bike IC6 or IC7 arrives. While the primary parts are preassembled, the seat and handlebars will need to be attached. It should also be noted that while neither of these exercise bikes will fold, they do have wheels that are set up to allow them to be moved. This is handy if you need the floor space for other things, such as setting up a table or arranging chairs for guests.

Like all indoor exercise bikes, these spin bikes offer a viable alternative to outdoor exercise or to a gym membership. They not only make exercise convenient, they now have the added incentive of being self-charging. That means that you need not worry about putting out a solar panel or plugging your machine into a wall socket. Nor will you need to replace the battery.

The Life Fitness Spin Bike IC6 or Life Fitness Spin Bike IC7 are sleek, stylish machines that will look great in your living room, office, or even for a commercial gym. They are quiet, thanks to the V-belt, which can allow users to enjoy music, an audiobook, or even watch television. This is also an advantage if you live in an apartment building or have young children in your home who might be awakened by the sound of a clanking, creaking exercise bike.

Life Fitness Spin Bike ic6

The Life Fitness Spin Bike models will support up to 330 pounds, and weigh in at 112 pounds. They carry a miscellaneous parts warranty of five years.

While these are not the least expensive exercise bikes currently on the market, they certainly have been one of the most interesting. They have plenty of bells and whistles, plus that sturdy, steel framework, which justify paying a little more for a product that will wear well and save on external energy while using that personal energy that you are otherwise just burning off. And, of course, they have that basic advantage well known to all indoor exercise bikes: you do not have to worry about sun, rain, snow, sleet, traffic, or the occasional “bad guy” while getting in your daily constitutional exercise.

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