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Knee Pain: Are Exercise Bikes Good For Bad Knees

Knee Pain- are exercise bikes good for bad knees

Are exercise bikes good for bad knees?

Exercise bikes are frequently recommended by specialists as therapy for knee pain. Using an exercise bike on a low resistance setting helps keep the joint supple without putting weight or pressure on the knee.

Knee pain can be debilitating. If your knees hurt when exercising you are less likely to engage in your normally healthful exercise. When working out with a knee injury your physician or therapist is likely to recommend low-impact exercise. This is where any sort of exercise bike can truly excel.

Exercise for Sore Knees

Any joint, but especially a knee, tends to stiffen when it remains too long in any particular position. Pedaling an exercise bike allows the joint to move gently, then perhaps with slowly increasing pressure, encouraging circulation, and gently stretching muscles and tendons. Since the bike seat supports the bulk of the user’s weight, it is easy to control the amount of pressure on the joint, allowing it to range from simple motion to muscle building pressure.

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Affects of Painful Knee Joints

Painful knees can become noticeable during activities such as jumping rope, lifting barbells, moving large boxes, or even while walking. The discomfort can cause the sufferer to tense against the pain, causing muscles along the spine to tense causing additional discomfort.

Knee joints are frequently one of the areas that are affected by cold weather. People with arthritis (of any variety) often find weather changes painful as barometric pressure can increase swelling, serving as an indicator of stormy weather ahead. Most people prefer using a nice digital barometer rather than depending upon a weatherwise ache in their bones, however. The gentle exercise serves to move collected fluid and to warm cold joints, thereby easing the pain.

An exercise bike will not completely remove knee pain, but it can serve as an instrument for gently working out at least some of it.

Upright Exercise Bikes for Aching Knees

The downward push used when pedaling an upright exercise bike encourages stretching your leg to its fullest extent, then bringing it back up into a flexed position. Variable pressure settings allow you to slowly increase the work your knee is doing enabling you to build muscle and to give your bones the load-bearing pressure they need for health.

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Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent exercise bikes are especially nice for people who are also recovering from a back injury or an illness. The chair-like seat and step-through mounting make it easy to mount the bike and help stabilize the upper body. Like the upright bikes, variable settings make it easy to modify your workout to suit the amount of debility in your knees. Unlike upright bikes, recumbent bikes encourage pushing forward and then bringing the leg back in more of a knee to chest type of movement rather than an upward lift. This is, in many ways, a gentler exercise than can be developed using an upright bike.

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Healthy Knees are Part of Your Quality of Life

We rarely notice knees until they give us trouble. It is not until we notice about our knee pain they are injured, or age and overuse cause them to develop that “feels like it is bending forward” when you step wrong, or that painful crunch when you twist sideways in what had been an accustomed move that you realize that your knees have a problem.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help maintain as much health as possible for your knees. Using an exercise bike can be one means to maintain that all-important knees joint, as well as your ankle joints, for as long as possible.

As little as thirty minutes of joint exercise per day can help maintain good health in your knee and ankle joints, as well as helping keep up a reasonable cardio regimen. You can even split it up into ten-minute sessions if finding a full thirty minutes at one time is a problem for your schedule.

Your knees are hard-working joints. They help bear up your weight, they are instrumental in supporting extra pounds if you pick up something to move it from one place to another. If you must sit much of the time during your day, an exercise bike is a quick, easy way to exercise.

Of all the exercises that are available to you, only swimming is a lower impact than an exercise bike. Exercise bikes take up less room than a swimming pool, with no danger of drowning – at least under normal circumstances.

Gentle, reliable, low impact, takes up a minimal amount of space, are your knees not worth thirty minutes a day?

▷  Knee Pain: Are Exercise Bikes Good For Bad Knees
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▷ Knee Pain: Are Exercise Bikes Good For Bad Knees
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