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Exercise Bikes

Is 30 minutes a day on an exercise bike enough?

exercise bike

Nearly everyone knows that a moderate amount of exercise is good for you and that an exercise bike is an excellent way to exercise consistently. What you might not know is when it comes to exercise, more is not always better, but consistency often wins the prize.

In April 2012, an article by Jennifer Warner, published by WebMD, indicated that researcher Mads Rosenkilde, a PhD student at University of Copenhagen, found that slightly overweight men who exercised for 30 minutes sufficiently vigorously to perspire actually lost more weight than a similar group who exercised vigorously for 60 minutes. He advanced several possible theories for why this might be the case. These ideas included having enough energy left for other physical activities or that the men who exercised for 60 minutes might have consumed additional calories to make up for those expended during exercise.

How many minutes per week should you exercise?

Edward R. Laskowski, M.D., in an answer on the Mayo Clinic website, states that adults should have at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise, plus doing strength training for all major muscle groups at least twice a week.

Mads Rosenkilde, MsC in Nutrition, B.S. in Sports Science, did a later experiment involving bicycle commuters. He found that those who consistently commute using a bicycle improved insulin sensitivity, better cardiac fitness, and lost abdominal fat over the course of six months.

Exercise Bikes Can help Provide Vital Exercise

The sensible conclusion is that any exercise bike that raises respiration and heartrate, can be sustained for a meaningful amount of time such as thirty minutes, and that is repeated regularly can improve overall health for just about anyone. But as anyone old enough to need to be told to exercise knows quite well, if the time for exercise means that you must leave your house, abandon favorite activities or take time off from school or work to exercise, the exercise is going to lose.

That’s where a good exercise bike comes in. Whether for indoor cycling is always clement. It does not require special clothing, and you can get in your exercise while watching your favorite television show. If you are seriously talented with your game controller, you can even join your Raid and take on the Big Boss Monster while pedaling away. It might be a plan to have reinforced pedals and good toe cages if you are a player who puts a lot of body English on the controller when dodging or drifting around corners.

exercise bikePick the Stationary Bike that Works for You

When it comes to indoor exercise bikes, the one that works best for you is the ideal stationary bike. With that said, you can probably get the most vigorous bike workouts from the best spin bikes. They are built to encourage users to get into a racing crouch and really go for that imaginary finish line. Upright bikes help you strengthen your core because they require the use of stomach and bike muscles to maintain balance.

For people who have back problems, or who are in recovery from surgery or illness, a recumbent bike might be the better choice because it offers better lumbar support. In a pinch, if you can’t afford a full-sized exercise bike, whether monetarily or simply because of space they take up, an under-desk or tabletop exercycle can help you work up a good sweat.

A few stationary upright bikes are designed to do it all. Upright bikes with moveable handlebars encourage users to stand up on the pedals while moving the handlebars back and forth. This takes some coordination, but after thirty minutes of that, you’ll know you’ve exercised for sure! Other exercise bikes have a holder for hand weights, to encourage you to remember that vital weight training for your arms.

Some Most Days, then a Day or Two to Recover

It is no secret that when it comes to exercise, like many prescriptions, some is good but more is not necessarily better. Small amounts of regular exercise is usually a better approach than one or marathon sessions per week, or worse yet, per month. An ideal scenario might be to exercise for thirty minutes per day six days a week, then take one day to relax and rest.

Exercise Bikes for the Win

With an at-home stationary bike, you need never worry about the weather. Under most circumstances, your home will be temperature controlled. It will not rain, snow, sleet, or hail on you. You won’t have to wear a mask or special exercise clothing. It is just you and your exercise bike, having fun together.