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Indoor Cycling Shoes

Indoor Cycling Shoes

Increase Your Enjoyment of Your Cardio with the Right Indoor Cycling Shoes

Like nearly every other sport in the world, having the right indoor cycling shoes have the potential to increase your enjoyment of indoor exercise. More importantly, they can help align your feet correctly and prevent them from slipping off the pedals. They have stiff soles which combined with the structure of the shoe, will hold the wearer’s foot in the correct position to deliver an even amount of pressure on the pedal.  Indoor cycling is a low-impact, low-risk exercise, but safety is still of major importance. Even something as minimal as a skinned ankle can slow you down.

Furthermore, some brands of indoor cycling shoes can be worn while cycling out-of-doors, which makes fit, style, and function even more important.

Highly Rated Indoor Cycling Shoes

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

The best indoor cycling shoes are shoes that work well with your bike, and yet allow you to walk around inside your home or gym without damaging the shoes or the floor. They should feel comfortable on their feet, regardless of their particular shoe size or type of foot. Whether your foot is large, wide at the toe narrow at the heel, or exceptionally small, it is important for both your comfort and your safety to have a shoe that fits your foot well. This means that it should be snug, but not tight. If your feet swell, you might want to look into a shoe that is somewhat elastic. The tips of your toes should reach the end of the shoe, but should not be cramped in any way.

Additional considerations might be to have a shoe that breathes easily, especially if your feet tend to sweat heavily. There is nothing more miserable than for your feet to be swimming in your own perspiration. Another consideration is if your feet tend to swell during exercise. If that is true, then you need a shoe that can easily expand without becoming too loose on your foot or requiring manual adjustment of the laces.

Cycle Shoes for Women

Whether you work in a gym as an instructor, or you simply wear your cycle shoes for women on days when you are headed to the gym in the basement/attic of your building, a stylish shoe that fits well is important. (Note: never use your indoor athletic shoes for streetwear. The grit and gravel they pick up is hard on gym floors and can cause problems with your cleats.)

Women often have narrow heels and wider toes, creating difficulty in finding shoes that fit well. Furthermore, women’s shoe styles, in general, can create foot problems that might be aggravated by a cycle shoe that is a poor fit. In addition, whether teaching, running the office or simply attending a gym, having a shoe that looks stylish and feels good on the foot gives a little boost to what is already probably a very busy day.

Spin Bike Shoes

Spin Bike shoes are available in two types: SPD and Delta. SPD clips are flat and give the advantage of being able to walk around in the gym. Delta clips extend beyond the sole of the shoe and have the advantage that they are easier to clip into the pedals. They can also be used on street bikes to good effect. Spin bikes are a breed of indoor cycling apart from regular exercise bikes or trainers. Therefore, it is a good idea if you use a spin bike to get spin bike shoes.

Sidi Cycling Shoes

Sidi cycling shoes are an Italian brand of shoe, made in China with, according to one review, “high oversight from the home office.” Sidi shoes are stylish, modestly colored, and built to be durable. Like most cycling shoes, the sole is stiff, holding the foot in place on the pedal and delivering an even amount of pressure to it. Where Sidi stands out is by having strategic air vents, and flexible edges around the sole creating greater comfort for the wearer’s foot.

Sidi Dominator 10 MTB Shoes (9, Black/Grey)
98 Reviews

Your Indoor Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes can be expensive, so you want to shop carefully for your particular pair. They should fit well and be appropriate to the type of cycle you will use most often. If you also use a street or mountain bike, you might want to invest in a second pair of shoes to protect your home or gym floors, and to prevent damage to your exercise bike. That might seem like a daunting expense, but what is it, really, when compared to the cost of a subscription exercise program? Your feet are an important part of your overall health. A properly sized, well-made shoe will feel good on your foot. More than that, a stylish pair of shoes, even if you are only wearing them at home and you are the only person who will see them, is an incredible boost to your personal self-esteem. There is no way to put a price on that!