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Exercise bikes with back support?

Exercise bikes with back support

Are There Exercise Bikes with Back Support?

Yes, there are exercise bikes with back support: They are recumbent exercise bikes and are sometimes available as a sort of combination upright / recumbent bike. Recumbent exercise bikes are available from a variety of brands and sellers, with a commensurate number of design options.

Exercise Bike for Back Pain

A recumbent exercise bike is often recommended for those who have back pain. The pain might be caused by an assortment of conditions, including age, injury, illness, arthritis, changes in bone density, and many others. The reason a recumbent bike is a good choice for those with back pain is that the seat is usually wider than your standard exercise bike seat and because it has a backrest to enable the recumbent position while pedaling.

The pedal action on a recumbent exercise bike for back pain involves pushing out, rather than down, on the pedals. This uses a slightly different set of muscles from those employed when using an upright bike. The action puts less strain on the lower back. Moreover, less effort is required of the core muscles on the torso because the chair-like seat of the recumbent bike provides more secure seating than a regular bike seat.

What if I experience lower back pain when biking?

If the lower back pain is simply from sore muscles, as a result of your last exercise session, or from lifting all those packing boxes during spring or fall cleaning, then take it easy for a few minutes to give your muscles a chance to warm up. Pain is often a signal that we should stop what we are doing. It can also be an indication of a physical condition unrelated to using your exercise bike, whether it is recumbent, upright, or an adjustable combination.

If the pain persists or becomes worse with exercise, then it might be a good time to consult with your primary physician. He or she can conduct some tests to determine the cause of your lower back pain and make recommendations that might range from therapeutic medical treatment to simply going a little easier on your next few exercise sessions.

Since lower back pain is sometimes caused by spending long hours in a desk chair, gentle lower back pain bike exercises can be the perfect answer for getting rid of some of that scholarly fatigue pain.

Folding Recumbent Bikes

One of the objections some users have to exercise bikes is that recumbent bikes tend to have a little bigger footprint than upright bikes. This is where a folding exercise bike with back support comes in. These are a perfect choice for your tiny house, small apartment, or economy-sized cottage where space is at a premium. They are usually light enough that they can be stored in a closet or hidden in a corner until they are needed again.

They are also frequently a good choice for business travelers who might have little time to assess local options for workout sessions. While probably not optimal for air travel, they can easily be stowed in the luggage compartment of most vehicles and set up in your hotel or motel room. This makes it easy to get in ten to thirty minutes of cardio before retiring or as a morning wakeup before showering.

What Body Parts Are Affected by Using a Bike with Back Support?

As previously mentioned, most exercise bikes with back support are recumbent bikes that do not require as much use of your core muscles as an upright bike. The area primarily involved in the operation of a recumbent bike are hips, thighs, and calves. They do a good job of rotating the knee and ankle joints.

If you are going for a cardio workout, they will work just fine, since any activity that raises your respiration to a point where you might still hold a conversation but are unlikely to be able to sing, will work. This is especially true if you sustain the exercise for at least ten minutes after warmup.

Who Can Benefit from Bikes with Back Support?

Nearly anyone can benefit from bikes with back support such as serious athletes might find it a refreshing “day off” from their regular exercise. People who have chronic back pain, who are recovering from surgery, who have recently been ill, all can benefit from having a little more support while getting in some gentle exercise to help them on their road back to health.

Increasingly, physicians are finding that the soon patients are mobile and taking gentle exercise the greater their recovery speed. While perhaps the emphasis should be on “gentle exercise” not an effort to immediately return to hot yoga or cross-country marathons. Exercise improves circulation, heart action, and breathing, all of which are vital to good health.

Exercise bikes with back support?
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Exercise bikes with back support?
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