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Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bike Cover

Exercise Bike Covers

An Exercise Bike Cover Provides An Extra Level Of Protection For Your Equipment

An exercise bike cover provides the maintenance and care that your bike needs. The time that you invest in your daily exercise routine may not seem long in comparison to the number of hours in a day, but doesn’t it make sense to protect your bike? Whether it’s the humidity of the area where you store the bike, the kids who might be tempted to play on it, or, if you store it outside, the elements, you want to make sure that your bike isn’t at the mercy of circumstances beyond your control. Purchasing exercise bike covers can extend the life span of your bike. Since one of the reasons that you’re exercising in the first place is to give yourself long, healthy life, it’s a smart move to do the same for the equipment that’s helping you achieve that wellness goal.

Some Features Of A Good Stationary Bike Cover

A good stationary bike cover is more than just throwing a tarp over it to protect an exercise bike. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or a porch where you’ve set up your home workout site. From your perch, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors without weather and crowds interfering with your routine. However, in order to protect your exercise bike from the outdoor elements, you need to be aware of some of the features that a good stationary bike cover delivers.

  • What kind of coating does the exercise bike covers offer?
  • Does it cover your bike securely?
  • Is it waterproof?
  • Does it have UV protection?
  • Will the bike remain covered even if there’s a lot of wind?
  • Is the exercise bike covers suitable for both indoor and outdoor storage?
  • Does the cover prevent rust, mildew, and mold from building up as a result of condensation?


If your stationary bike has an outdoor home, considering all the possible ways in which the elements can potentially cause deterioration will show why a cover is a wise purchase for extending the life of your bike.

Keeping Your Equipment Clean With The Best Exercise Bike Cover

Covering your stationary equipment with one of the best exercise bike cover will keep it clean and in good condition. If you have a vigorous fitness routine, then it’s likely that you sweat during your workout. That means that there are damp areas on the seat, the pedals, the handlebars, and even the frame itself. The oils from your perspiration can actually cause corrosion to the frame, and deterioration to the other parts. Cleaning up regularly with a simple mix of soap and warm water can prevent corrosion, and will also keep the bike clean. It’s recommended to dry it with a  microfiber or cotton cloth, and then cover your fitness equipment with a bike cover, which will help to extend the life of the bicycle.

Highly Rated Exercise Bike Covers

Why Choose An Exercise Bike Cover Waterproof Model?

Exercise Bike Cover Waterproof

Some people keep their exercise bikes inside their homes. Some keep them outside, or in the garage, or on the porch. In those instances, there are practical reasons why you want to have an exercise bike cover that’s waterproof.  Preventing moisture from getting to your exercise equipment is the best way to make sure that your exercise bike lasts a long time.

Keep in mind, however, that your exercise equipment should be brought inside if you’re expecting an extreme weather event. Exercise bikes contain electronic components that can be destroyed or severely damaged in the event of severe weather.

Folding Exercise Bike Cover Advantages

In our active, mobile society, folding exercise bikes are a popular option for taking your workout with you wherever you go. Folding bikes are easy to transport and store, so they’re a great 24/7, all-season exercise equipment choice. When you’re not using your folding exercise bike, keeping it covered is a good way to prevent both indoor and outdoor damage from occurring.

An Exercise Equipment Cover Gives Indoor And Outdoor Protection

There is an exercise equipment cover that offers outdoor security for your stationary bicycle. Some companies include lockable cables in the bottom seam of the cover in order to prevent theft or vandalism. A customized cover can provide added protection from debris and dust, even if you keep your equipment inside, which makes the cleanup routine less onerous. Space limitations inside may be the reason why an exercise bike is stored outside. But you may have some hesitation about storing your equipment outside. But a stationary bike cover can alleviate some of those worries.