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Enjoy the best: Diamondback Fitness 510ic Indoor Cycle

diamondback fitness 510ic indoor cycle

When it comes to indoor fitness there are good bikes, then there are better bikes, finally, there are is the DiamondBack Fitness 510ic Indoor cycle, which is certainly one of the best if not the best indoor cycle available. Consumer Magazine selected it as “Best Buy” five years in a row! That is an impressive record for any item, let alone an indoor exercise bike.

Continue reading to see what it is about this indoor exercise bike that has won it such accolades from a prestigious magazine. Consumer Reports does not say “best” about just any product. They have a reputation to uphold.

Best Offers Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Adjustable Indoor Cycle with Electronic Display

What makes this spin bike so special? First of all, it is one of the best spin bikes in the market. That means that it has a weighted flywheel designed to give the rider a challenging but still smooth ride. No glitches stop or halts in the pedal action to interrupt the smooth flow of your pedal stride. Since it is a spin bike, it is also built extra sturdy, as are all spinning bikes. They are designed for people who are serious about their exercise, including professional athletes who often find that ordinary exercise bikes will not hold up to their kind of vigorous use.

DiamondBack Fitness 510IC Features

Another exceptional feature of this DiamondBack Fitness 510ic Indoor cycle is that it uses computerized magnetic resistance to set the levels of resistance. No fumbling about with a knob, just tap a button and you have a smooth transition to another level of exercise challenge. There are 16 different levels of resistance set up to challenge you, and to help you reach your exercise goals. Thanks to the magnetic resistance, transitions from level to level is smooth and easy.

The handles are adjustable and can be positioned in several different ways, and the seat is adjustable, as well. These are crucial features for rider comfort. The one difficulty that users mentioned consistently was that the seat was not particularly comfortable. However, you can make up the difference by purchasing a more comfortable seat separately from a different source.

diamondback fitness 510ic indoor cycle

As you might expect with the computerized, magnetic resistance, your DiamondBack 510ic Indoor Cycle comes with eight pre-set programs to help you reach your goals. In addition, it has four heart-rate controlled programs. None of the preset programs require Internet access to operate, they are built into the machine. If those programs do not suit, you can create manual and custom programs to suit your personal exercise goals. Use a DVD or create your own routine. You can even pedal the machine backward to exercise different muscles from those used when pedaling forward. That is just one of the versatile features of this indoor exercise cycle.

The bike is belt-driven, so it is whisper quiet. You can easily listen to your favorite television show while exercising. More importantly, your neighbors will have no idea that you are exercising, unlike some exercise bikes that will clatter and clang, announcing their presence to the entire building. Or, worse yet, like the air resistance bikes that can set up a whistling or high-pitched whine when their riders really get going.

Comfortable Ride, Accurate Assessment of Resistance

With the DiamondBack Fitness 510ic Indoor Cycle you can count on a comfortable ride, accurate assessment of resistance, easy transitions from level to level, and quiet performance that will let you watch TV, read, listen to music or even study while you are exercising. Neither your neighbors nor sleeping children will notice your machine’s activity which means that you can have your exercise time without interruption.

diamondback fitness 510ic indoor cycle Appearance might not be everything, but when you will be using something every day it is nice to have it looking good. Besides, if you have guests, it is much more of a perk to display your exercise bike that looks sleek and modern than to have on hand your grandfather’s clunky old bike with the rusty spoke and clanking chain. This Diamondback exercise bike can have customized graphics painted on its, sleek modern frame.

The Diamondback Fitness 510ic Indoor cycle will support up to three hundred pounds and weighs in at 104 pounds. That does make it a challenge to reposition your exercise bike if you need to do that. However, the extra sturdiness more than makes up for that.

Overall, it is a quiet, sturdy machine that has built-in exercise programs. Like most spin bikes, the Diamondback Fitness 510ic Indoor Cycle is built to be extra durable. It is the kind of machine that you can use to pedal all-out as if you were heading for that finish line at the end of the big marathon.

DiamondBack Fitness 510ic Indoor cycle