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Does the Stationary Bike Tone Legs?

stationary bike tone legs

Oh, wow! Does the stationary bike ever tone legs! That is what a stationary bike does best. But that is not all that exercise bikes do. They can also help you keep your summer stationary bike muscles in shape, give you a great cardio workout, and lend interest to your fitness at home.

Cycling Muscles Make Legs Toning

Any kind of exercise bike will help tone your legs. It has often been saying of recumbent bikes that they do not exercise the core cycling muscles worked the way that an upright bike can do. But toning legs is exactly what a recumbent bike will do because you push out and pull back as you ride. Calf and thigh muscles come into play while ankle, knee, and hip joints get a low-impact workout.

Best Stationary Bikes for Toning Legs Offers

Gentle exercise on your Stationary Exercise Bike

If your doctor has recommended exercise for weight loss and use a stationary exercise bike, to keep your joints supple or to assist with recovery from surgery or a long illness, the last thing you want is a high impact exercise or an exercise machine that is hard to move. Recumbent bikes are great for this kind of exercise. The supportive chair seats and steps in entry make it easy to settle in and exercise for a good while. Since you push out with one foot while pulling back with the other, your leg muscles are in constant motion, making it a great way to tone your legs.

Hearty Exercise for the Athletic

Not everyone wants a gentle workout. If you are a marathon bicyclist or some other sort of serious athlete, you need something that will keep your bike legs in good shape through the winter months when outdoor exercise can be a real misery. Best Exercise bikes offer a low-impact way to stretch those leg muscles, and if you have a bike with mobile handlebars, you can get a good workout for your upper body as well. Upright bikes are more like the bike you might ride around your local neighborhood or in a marathon. Furthermore, even without the mobile handlebars, upright bikes require that you balance on a small seat, thus exercising your core muscles as well.

stationary bike tone legsRepetition Counts on your Stationary Bicycle

Regardless of which stationary bicycle type you choose for your home fitness program, repetition counts. To gain the results you desire, regular exercise sessions of around thirty minutes are best. But just getting on a bike and pedaling can become pretty dull after a time. You will want to switch up your routine to help keep up your interest. Story lines that incorporate pedaling faster or slower, personal goals, even watching a televised bike tour while you are bicycling can help keep up your interest.

Better yet, instead of doing long marathons of exercise, try for multiple small sessions. If your exercise bike is right beside your desk, you can use it when you start to feel sleepy. You might be surprised to discover that it will sometimes perk you up better than a cup of coffee. Your body is geared toward believing that sitting still is an invitation to rest or sleep. Movement gets your blood flowing and helps increase vitality.

Stationary Bike Calories, Programmed workouts

Many modern stationary bikes have digital programs to help you meet your goals and burn calories. You can select your exercise goal, such as toning your bicycle legs, and select two or three programs that are likely to help you meet your goals. This includes riding faster or slower, or with greater or lesser resistance. Varying the speed or resistance gives your legs a chance to rest a little before resuming the hard work of building up muscle.

Folding Bicycle Exercise Pedal, The Hidden Bicycle Exercise

Sneak a folding bicycle exercise pedal footrest under your desk. When you feel as if your feet are about to fall off, and your brains have gone to mush, give it three or four spins to help get your circulation going and wake your thinking back up to alertness.

Between Exercise Sessions

Don’t wait for your exercise sessions to wake up your body. Just walking to the water cooler or take a turn around your desk will help keep you fit. If standing up and walking around isn’t an option, subtle desk chair yoga can help.

A Complete Package with your Best Stationary Bike

You can meet almost any sort of exercise goal using your best stationary bike. You can increase the strength of your calf and thigh muscles, get a good cardio workout, and indulge in a low-impact exercise that will not cause difficulty with injured or aging joints. You can have fun while you exercise, which will make it more likely that you will keep up a regular exercise routine. And yes, you can tone your legs so they look great with that swimsuit, shorts, skirt or kilt.

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