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Exercise Bikes

Desk Exercise Bike

Desk Exercise Bikes

A desk exercise bike is a sort of having your cake and eat it too solution for office workers and other people who might find a standard exercise bike to be a cumbersome solution to their exercise needs. An under desk model will fit discretely beneath most desks and will still be operable without the user bumping knees on the underside of the desk. It is the answer to the modern age problem of how to have a desk job and still be able to get in your daily exercise.

Under Desk Exercise Bike

An under desk exercise bike is an excellent way to keep up your cardio without leaving your desk. For people who must sit quietly and work on columns of figures, stacks of reports, answer the phone, or greet people as they arrive at the desk, an exercise bike hidden beneath your desk is a discrete way to keep your blood flowing properly without standing up, walking around, or otherwise drawing attention to yourself. It can even be an excellent substitute for the footstool often provided for people whose feet do not reach the ground when sitting in a standard office chair. It enables them to rest their feet on the pedals or to quietly pedal the bike instead of having the choice of letting their feet dangle or twisting their body to allow one foot to support the other.

Mini Exercise Bike

A mini exercise bike can handily fit beneath most standard office desks. They are usually quiet and can be operated without drawing attention to them. Using one of these little bikes is a far cry from operating a magnetic spin bike. They are as similar to the heavy duty exercise bikes as a gentle stroll is to a sprint or a long jog. Even so, they do have their benefits, including keeping joints supple, exercising muscles that would otherwise be completely still for several hours, and even managing a moderate cardio workout – all without leaving your desk. They can also be used by people who have limited mobility, giving them a chance to exercise in their own homes. Placed on top of a desk, some models can be used for upper body exercise as well as lower.

DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser - Desk Exercise Equipment with Magnetic Resistance - Leg Exerciser While Sitting for Office Workout or Home Fitness
7,280 Reviews
DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser - Desk Exercise Equipment with Magnetic Resistance - Leg Exerciser While Sitting for Office Workout or Home Fitness
  • SMOOTH & SILENT - DeskCycle's patented under desk bike uses premium magnetic resistance and a proper flywheel for a super smooth pedal motion. This is easier on your joints and whisper-quiet. Your coworkers and family won't even notice!
  • ADVANCED DESIGN - With more than twice the resistance range of other foot pedal exercisers, this mini exercise bike's 8 resistance levels range from very easy to truly challenging. Great for cardio, strength training, and physical therapy equipment.
  • EASY TO USE - Our desk exercise equipment is user friendly. The large 5-function LCD display tracks speed, distance & more. For easy reading, place the monitor on your table with the included display stand.
  • SMALL & SMART - Premium desk exercise equipment can help keep you focused, improve productivity and burns far more calories than a standing desk.
  • FITNESS GIFTS - Looking for thoughtful gifts for grandparents? Our mini exercise bike encourages leg exercise while sitting for seniors and is the perfect gift for anyone looking for an easy way to get more active.

Desk Cycle Bike

Desk Cycle Bike

Another take on exercise bikes and sitting at a desk is the desk cycle bike. With these ingenious bikes, you simply do away with the desk chair, and the user sits on the bicycle seat with feet resting (or pedaling) on the pedals. Think of it as being a sort of stationary unicycle. The desk cycle bike has the advantage of helping exercise the user’s core muscles because they must balance on a standard bicycle seat while using it. An alternative method to this model is an exercise bike that has a built-in desk and computer, enabling all sorts of creative applications.

Best Desk Exercise Bikes

The best desk exercise bike is one that perfectly suits your needs. If you are an office worker who might want to disguise the fact that you are using an exercise bike, you might want one of the mini desk bike models. If you are a receptionist in a gym or other exercise machine-friendly environment, including a work from home situation, you might want one of the bikes that are set up to be a seat and desk combination. For someone who is maintaining as much muscle tone as possible or who is recovering from an illness or injury, a mini might be just perfect for you.

Monitors, peripherals, and other considerations

As with many exercise bikes, users frequently like to know how much “distance” they have covered, to be able to set resistance, and even to be able to have a little program to encourage good exercise variation. A lot of the minis and other under desk exercise models have discrete min-monitors that can be placed on the corner of your desk. In the case of models where the cycle is built into the computer and work desk, a program can be a part of the computer’s regular programming.

Under desk bikes, mini desk bikes, and desk cycles are sensible exercise solutions for office workers and for people who are homebound or who might not have room for a full-sized exercise bike. They are a good way to keep up your exercise when time, personal physical condition, or discretion might make a full-sized exercise bike a poor choice. They can also be a handy way for travelers to keep in shape since some models fold up small enough to fit into a suitcase.

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