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Exercise Bikes

Choosing the Top Spin Bike for You

Choosing your top spin bike is the first step in choosing better health. Indoor exercise bikes are the smart way to develop an exercise program that helps you lose weight, strengthen your legs, and get a good cardio workout. Before choosing the spin bike that’s right for you, remember that there are certain criteria that need to be taken into account.

While best spin bikes are adjustable, you’ll still need to select the model that suits your height and weight. If you’re diminutive in size, you’re going to need a bike that’s more compact. If you have a larger frame, you want to check on the weight range that the bike will accommodate. Different models have different weights of flywheels, and some spin bikes have the flywheel in the rear. Make sure your bearings are high quality, or you’re going to be dealing with extra noise and vibration when you ride. Basket pedals are recommended.

Best Indoor Cycling Bikes

Now that you know what are the best features to look for indoor cycling bikes, you can take a look at the top spin bikes to choose the one that’s right for you.

best spin bike - peloton bike

The Peloton Bike’s sophisticated magnetic resistance system and low maintenance belt drive train are equal to any of the best spin bikes on the market. Add a quiet ride to the quality of its performance and you can see why it’s ranked so high among spin bike fans. The touchscreen monitor is a 22-inch flatscreen that makes keeping track of your progress easy.


best spin bike - Keiser M3i

The Keiser M3i Indoor Bike isn’t just one of the spin bikes on the market—it’s one of the three best spin bikes on the market, with esthetics that matches its performance quality. It uses a lightweight, eight-pound flywheel because Keiser engineering holds to the creed that a spin bike doesn’t need an enormous flywheel if the magnetic resistance system and drive train are designed right. Keiser was first to position the flywheel at the rear of the bike, a move that shields the flywheel from the corrosion that perspiration can cause.


best spin bike - Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle

The Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle holds true to the brand, which is a legend in the bike world. This Schwinn spin bike has earned its place on the list of best spin bikes and wins comparisons to the M3i. It comes with a chain drive, but for an additional cost, you can go for the upgraded carbon blue belt drive system. Add the 10-year frame warranty and you’re looking at a quality product.


best spin bike - sole sb900

The Sole SB900 Exercise Bike holds its own with the other best rated spin bike models, but its priced half of what the other top three models will cost, with no reduction in quality. It has a 48-pound flywheel, a belt drive train, and a magnetic resistance system for a smooth, quiet ride. There’s a lifetime warranty on the frame and a three-year warranty on parts.


best spin bike - life fitness ic6

Life Fitness made its name as a provider of commercial-grade fitness equipment, but the Life Fitness IC6 Indoor Cycle is part of the company’s home fitness line. The nine-pound flywheel, positioned in the rear, contributes to the elegant design of the model, which is reminiscent of the M3i.


Each of these spin bike models delivers on its promise of quality equipment. You can be serene and grab one of these best indoor bike. The exercise is up to you!