Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

Perhaps you’ve heard of Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike before, maybe you’ve ever seen one. But the body rider exercise upright fan bike has now come out with a new and improved version that is perfect for your cardio or full-body workout.

What is an Upright Fan Bike?

Perhaps you’ve never heard of an exercise fan upright bike before. Then you are truly in for a treat! Fan bikes, instead of using friction, weighted magnetic wheels, or mechanical means to create resistance as you pedal, rely on air resistance as the fan blades encounter the air around them.

Believe it or not, the air has weight. You aren’t usually aware of it, because it is pushing in on you equally from all sides. But remember how the wind can seem to move you on a blustery day? The fan blades on the upright fan bike push the air into a wind, just as an electrical window fan might. You can stir up a nice breeze with your fan bike, but that isn’t the main reason for using it. A fan bike’s resistance increases when you pedal harder. That means that you don’t have to adjust a knob or toggle a switch to get more resistance for a good workout.

Schwinn AirDyne Pro

Schwinn AirDyne Pro

The Airdyne Pro is an excellent exercise bike that will give you a real workout for both upper and lower body. It is designed with quality in mind, as well as useful monitoring and seat comfort.

How about some Upper Body Exercise?

With the body rider, you are in luck. While your feet are busy pedaling away, kicking up a breeze and working harder and harder just like biking up a big hill, you can be exercising your arms and torso at the same time! The handlebars on the body rider exercise upright fan bike move back and forth, giving your arms and upper body a chance to move, as well. With practice, you can pedal and work the handlebars at the same time, helping tone your whole body at the same time.

If you decide that you don’t want to use the handlebars in mobile mode, or if you would rather work them separately from the pedals, you can simply hold onto the bars and work them independently to get in a good upper body workout in addition to giving your feet and legs a chance for toning.

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan BikeWhat’s New on This Edition

Too often when a manufacturer offers something as “new and improved” only minor changes have been made. In a manner of speaking that is true of the body rider exercise upright fan bike. The current edition has the same sturdy frame and easy to assemble design as the older bikes, with only two small differences. It is likely that you will approve of both of these. The first is that instead of relying completely on wind speed to provide resistance, the fan can be adjusted manually to create more resistance even at lower fan speeds.

You are going to love the second thing! One of the complaints about the older model was that the plastic seat could get pretty hard after thirty minutes sitting on it. The new model has a much better, far softer seat design. Your seat bones are really going to thank the designers for this improvement.

Did you say Assemble?

Yes, some minor assembly is required. The feet, seat, and handlebars will need to be attached. But it is all very simple. You need only put in and tighten a few bolts. The bolts and the wrench that you will need are included in the kit. No need to purchase anything extra; everything is ready to be put together.

How much space does it require?

The body rider exercise upright fan bike does not fold up like some exercise bikes, but it does have a compact frame.

Does it plugin?

You power the bike by pedaling and using the handlebars. The only thing that needs any assistance from an external power source is the monitoring device, which requires two small batteries. Be forewarned, however, it doesn’t come with any preprogrammed exercise plans. That part is up to you.

Does it have any flaws?

Just one little one. If you are taller than five feet five inches, your knees will hit the handlebars. If you are shorter than four feet tall, you might have difficulty stretching for the pedals. The seat height adjusts, but not quite enough to fix this problem.

Summing up

The body rider exercise upright fan bike is a sturdy machine that is perfect for your home fitness exercise program. It can provide a full-body workout or can be used less intensely for basic cardio. It is easy to assemble, takes minimal space, and is suitable for people from around four feet tall to those who are around five foot five inches in height. Overall, a great bike, and an excellent bargain.

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