Best Rated Exercise Bikes

Best Rated Exercise Bikes

You know that exercise is good for you and that an exercise bike can be an efficient tool for keeping up with your indoor fitness program. A selection of Best Rated Exercise Bikes can help with making your selection, even though it can still be hard to choose which bike to buy because there are so many excellent choices.

In addition, most of us must live within a budget, which brings up added questions such as will the bike still answer exercise needs as your strength and overall health improve? Will it need maintenance, batteries or an electrical connection? And, above all, will it last?

Here are some ideas about how to think about bike ratings and how to compare them to your personal needs.

Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

"Affordable Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike"

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 - upright bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901

"The Economical Upright Bike"

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Schwinn AirDyne Pro

Schwinn AirDyne Pro

"Workout Excellence"

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Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness collection of upright bikes, including the SFB901, is a superb example of how an economical bike can be an excellent investment in your health. They include sturdy frames, weighted, magnetic flywheels for resistance and a no-frills price, they are a great way to get your exercise, especially on days when the weather makes outdoor exercise a miserable prospect. Sunny Health & Fitness bikes made the top-rated list on several indoor cycling reviews. So whether you are keeping up with your cardio workout or incorporating your best rated exercise bikes into your overall fitness program, Sunny Health & Fitness bikes are sure to please.

With that said, they are a no-frills kind of biking experience – which can be fine if you have other means of tracking progress or varying your goals for an optimum experience. Certainly, a budget bike will have a better chance of fitting into your financial as well as health goals.

best Rated Exercise BikesMarcy Upright and Recumbent Bikes

Marcy is another company that puts out affordable, quality exercise bike types. They have both upright and recumbent bikes, which means that whatever your preference they probably have a style for you. For example, the Marcy Recumbent ME-709 has been described as the ultimate in affordable bikes. It has a comfortable, chair-like seat with padding, and even has a digital console that will track your speed, distance traveled and estimate how many calories you have burned during the time that you are exercising.

Alternatively, there is the Marcy ME-708 Upright Bike. Like the 709, it has few frills, just a good console that allows you to observe your progress, a reasonably padded seat, and stable handlebars that simply mimic an ordinary bicycle. It does have 8 pre-programmed exercise routines that will help you with pacing yourself and attending to your health goals.

These Marcy bikes are better for the beginner or for the summer bicyclist who wishes to stay in shape rather than for well-toned serious athletes who hope to drive back those boundaries during the winter months. But with that said, Marcy puts out a quality product that will be satisfactory for most cardio workouts.

Folding Bikes

Sometimes the big consideration hasn’t cost, and it might not even be how sturdy it is – although a good frame that will hold your personal weight is always important. The big issue might be space. If you have a small living room, office or kitchen where you set up your bike, you might need to be able to put it away for times when other people occupy that space or it is wanted for a different activity. That is where folding bikes can really shine. You can set them up quickly and easily, but they can be reduced to at least half their size which means you can drape a cover or your bike or perhaps tuck it into a convenient closet when it is not in use.

For the Serious Athlete

Although all best rated exercise bikes types have something slightly different to offer, the serious athlete can also benefit from using one. But the standards of an athlete who is in training for a summer marathon, or even one who is using the bike as an adjunct to weightlifting or training for a sport, can be quite different from the needs of someone who is recovering from an illness or injury or is simply unused to exercising.

Therefore, his or her bike is going to need a sturdier frame as well as extra options for vigorous activity. One good choice for someone who is pushing their limits is the Schwinn Airdyne Pro Upright Bike. It uses a fan for resistance, which means that the harder you work, the harder it pushes back. That gives you a natural resistance, unlike bikes that use magnetics, weighted wheels or friction all of which need to be adjusted. It also has mobile handlebars, which means that the user can get an upper-body workout, as well as core and leg muscle exercise.

The Bottom Line:

You don’t have to buy expensive to buy one of the best rated exercise bikes. It is more important to buy a machine that fits you and your needs than it is to invest heavily in an expensive machine, especially when you are a beginner. As always, a good frame and parts that will hold up to your style of exercise are the important aspects. Everything else is just icing on the cake.


Nautilus 614 Recumbent Bike

"Smooth Ride to a Better You"

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best Rated Exercise Bike

Marcy Recumbent ME-709

"The Ultimate in Affordable Recumbent Bike"

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