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Exercise Bikes

What Makes Upright Bikes A Great Choice for Home Fitness?


Upright bikes are an excellent choice for home fitness. They frequently similar to a street bike in the way the seat is placed in relation to the pedals, they usually take up less floor space than recumbent bikes or treadmills, and they can come with a variety of fun accessories. Some types of exercise bikes include moveable handlebars that offer the opportunity for an upper body workout as well as lower. Below you will find a list with some of the best exercise bike benefits, and why you have a gym cycle at home.

Inclement Weather, no Problem

Biking, walking, or running outdoors can be pleasant when the weather is good. But when the blustery winds blow down the streets, wet stuff falls out of the sky, or even when the weather is clear, sunny, and way too hot, it is wonderful to have an indoor alternative exercise plan such as indoor cycling. Neither rain nor snow nor dark of night shall keep you from your daily exercise when you have your own stationary bike at home.

Minimal Noise

Place your exercise bike on an equipment mat, and most models will be sufficiently quiet that your neighbors will scarcely notice that you are busily exercising away. This is an advantage over some types of indoor routines, especially those that include jumping jacks, skipping rope or turning cartwheels. With the exception of the wind-resistance exercise bikes, they tend to be very quiet during operation.

Enjoy the Ride

One lovely thing about a stationary bike is that you don’t have to watch for traffic or be on the lookout for bike-chasing dogs. You can pedal away while reading a book or watching a movie. Just don’t get too involved in your story and forget to keep your feet moving. If that might be a problem, invest in one of those walk/run disaster scenario fitness programs. When the zombies are after you, it is an excellent incentive to keep pedaling!

Share the Ride

Hate going out in the rain but grow bored and unhappy exercising alone? You no longer have to make that choice. With a good wi-fi connection, you can join a virtual biking tour and share the experience with others. You can also do virtual races, or just log onto an Internet phone program and chat while you exercise.

Almost Like a Real Bike

Upright bikes are configured in a manner that is very much like a street bike. If you are training up for that marathon bike race in the real world, then an upright bike is a good choice. Some of them even have programming that simulates real terrain, giving you the kind of workout you would encounter if you were traversing a bike trail or roadway. Better yet, most have programming that helps you continuously challenge yourself by encountering greater resistance or by riding longer.

Mobile Handlebars

Moveable handlebars on a stationary bike aren’t just for holding onto, they can be a whole workout on their own. Riders can use the handlebars by themselves to work toward maximizing upper body strength, or they can use them simultaneously with the pedals for an amazing full-body workout.

Requires Minimal Space

An upright exercise bike uses a minimal amount of floor space and most models are sufficiently lightweight to be easily moved from one place to another. This makes it easy to tuck your stationary bike out of the way when it is not in use. While older models might have been less than pleasing esoterically, most of the newer stationary bikes are attractively designed.

Privacy for Your Efforts

Just one last thing to say about upright exercise bikes: if you are embarrassed about your shape, size, or physical condition, having an exercise machine at home can help you get past that bump. When it is just you pedaling away, sweating to the oldies, or striving to stay ahead of the zombies, there is no one to comment or poke fun of you. You can focus on getting more fit, not on what other people think.

Safe and Secure

It would be a wonderful world if people were safe anywhere, in any neighborhood. The sad truth is that not all streets are good places to exercise. When you are riding your stationary bike in your own home, you protected from inclement weather, most of the dangers you will encounter during your stay-at-home ride will be imaginary. It is pleasant to know that the menaces that are spurring you toward greater efforts can ultimately be eliminated by the flick of a switch.

Summing Up:

Upright stationary bikes are a great way to get in shape and keep in shape.