Are folding exercise bikes good?

folding exercise bikes

Folding exercise bikes are an excellent choice if you have limited space or if you are traveling. They range from the Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike with a pulse right on down to the Stamina Folding Upper and Lower Body Cycle. Of course, like all items of this nature, you can expect their durability and usefulness to vary and to be reflected in their price. With that said, almost any exercise is better than no exercise. Even the smallest of these machines have the potential to keep you on your road.

Frame Style Counts

Many folding upright stationary exercise bikes use a simple scissor-type fold, sort of like an ironing board. This means that you just open it out, lock the frame in place (it is no fun at all if it folds up while you are using it) and pedal away. Really, it isn’t likely to fold up because the scissor fold style means that when you are sitting on it, you are holding it in the open position. Most models have wheels on one side of the scissor leg or the other to help put the bike away when it is not in use.

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Ease of Assembly

While most folding exercise bikes use the scissor fold model, a few have other styles. Check to be sure that you will be able to set the bike up and take it down on your own. This could be key to discovering exactly how useable it is for you. If you are trying to build up your health, the last thing you need is something that requires help before you can use it.

folding exercise bikesPortability

If you just want a bike that you can fold and put in a closet in your home, weight and size might be of some consideration, but not as crucial as if you want to take it to your work with you, or if you want something you can use while traveling. This is where an inexpensive mini-pedal machine can come in handy. These little guys fold up small enough to fit into a large suitcase or bag. To use them, you sit on a chair (no worries here about it folding up with you on it) and place the pedal machine on the floor in front of you. If you want to exercise your arm and shoulder muscles, you can set it on a dresser or table and use your hands and arms to pedal.

Check that weight

As with all exercise machines, you do need to look at how much weight the machine is rated to hold. If you purchase a machine that is only rated for a maximum of three hundred pounds, but you weigh closer to four hundred, there is a good chance that it will perform poorly, whether it is a standard upright exercise bike or a folding exercise bikes. When you are investing in exercise equipment, it is always a good idea to read all the requirements and decide whether or not it will work for you before you bring it home.

Bringing Fitness Home

If you are setting up a fitness program at home, you want something that will work for you. In most cases, folding exercise bikes will work just fine. But it is true that the ability for the bike to fold does make it a little less sturdy than a bike does not fold. With that said, if you need something that can be put in a closet between uses, if you need a machine that can travel with you, or if you just need a little light exercise during your lunch hour, then a folding bike is probably exactly what you need.

Looking for the Best Bike

There are all sorts of stationary bike types. The one you select needs to be the one that is best for you, not a generic one-size-fits-all bike that suits a lot of different people. Fortunately, there are many different kinds of bikes on the market. They can range from that little under-the-desk model that helps keep your feet from swelling to one of those crazy bikes that are built for the serious athlete. If a folding bike is what you need, there is a good one out there that will work for you.

Are Folding Bikes Good?

Folding exercise bikes can be good. They might not be perfect for everyone, and they tend to have lower maximum weight ratings than standard stationary exercise bikes. With that said, if a folding bike is a way for you to get busy exercising, then it is a good bike for you.


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